Our Vision

We at iSAT Health work with passion to bring Health Solutions to life, creating Smart Device Apps for NHS Practitioners and Patients. You will be amazed by the dedication our team brings to each Mobile App Development Project, whether it's designed to increase Patient Care or Reduce Healthcare Costs. Our passion, dedication, and hard work enable us to produce the results required by today's modern Health Service.

The iSAT Health mobile application development process has delivered a high standard of Health Technology Innovation. The applications we build are reliable, feature-rich, efficient, and incredibly fast. Our expertise, experience, and dedication allows iSAT Health to produce Apps that are focused on both Primary and Secondary Care, for the benefit of all Patients. In addition, the interface of each Health App Solution is both Patient and Practitioner friendly.

iSAT Health offers a wide range of Health App Development Services. We provide 'critical' Digital Health Solutions within App Development 'life cycle' services, which include Diagnostic and Communication Platforms. All iSAT Health Solutions have been built in Partnership with NHS Trusts during the last 3 years in order to deliver the quality of Smart Device Application so desperately needed for the Future of the NHS.

"We will invest in new options for our workforce, and raise our game on health technology - radically improving patients’ experience of interacting with the NHS – Simon Stevens, NHS England"

Reduce Cost

Patient Care


Integrated Hospital App Patient Journey

  • Primary Health Care

    Each medical centre linked to its local hospital. Provides direct link through the hospital app as the first stage of the patient journey.

  • Secondary Health Care

    The hospital medical app store allows patients to access medical and diagnostics applications as part of the provision of patient care.

  • Prevention & Solution

    Technological innovation provides medical practitioners with the ability to provide remote access patient care via the hospital app.

  • Home Devices

    Each patients 'wearable' and connected home device provides critical patient data and information via the hospital app directly to medical professionals.